CO2 data on all materials

We want to do more, and we want to improve. That is why we are working on Life Cycle Assessments, which means mapping the CO2 emissions directly related to the product materials such as packaging, materials and components. This requires a lot of data, but we are determined to create more transparency of the environmental impact caused by our products. This will enable all stakeholders in our supply chain to take the necessary responsible choices.


Life Cycle Assessment

We want to be transparent regarding our product’s carbon footprint. By 2024 we will introduce Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) for selected products in our range. It will illustrate how much greenhouse gas each product emits from materials to production and transport. It gives our customers the chance to make an informed choice when they buy our furniture.

Sustainable design & manufacturing 

We need to start thinking sustainability into our design and production. To kickstart this process we will make a ‘showcase’ on sustainable innovation. It will be a piece of furniture where sustainability is designed into the product and thought into every step.  Sometimes the only way to start thinking differently is to set the bar high and learn as you go. We acknowledge that there is no such thing as a 100% sustainable product, but we need to make it as sustainable as possible. We will no doubt do some valuable lessons and create a basis for future products.

Design for disassembly

We will rethink the way we design our furniture. Our furniture is designed for private homes, to be used and loved for years. By applying Design for Disassembly principles to our products we will lengthen the life cycle of our products. When at some point, the furniture has done its job, the furniture will be easily disassembled making it possible to re- or upcycle the different parts.