Exhibitions & Showrooms

We love showing off our furniture in our showrooms and at fairs all over the world.

Where will we meet next?

Furniture China, 11-15 September 2023
M.O.W Furniture fair, 17-21 September 2023
Esprit Meuble, 18-21 November 2023
IMM Cologne 14-18 January 2024
Meble Polska, February 2024

Showroom in Tvis, Denmark 
Showroom in China

Furniture China

11-15 September 2023

Come experience a mix of new products, new designs, beautiful colours and fabrics.

Hope to see you from 11-15 September 2023.

M.O.W Furniture Fair

17-21 September 2023

Come explore our new exciting furniture, material and bestsellers at M.O.W Furniture Fair.

We hope to see you again from 17-21 September 2023.

Esprit Meuble, Paris

November 2023

We are very excited to be attending Esprit Meuble in Paris. We will be showing a wide variety of our modern furniture again in November 2023. 

IMM Cologne 

14-18 January 2024

Come explore our new exciting furniture, material and bestsellers at IMM Cologne.

Meble Polska

February 2024

We are presenting our furniture at Meble Polska in Poznan, Poland.

We hope to see you in February 2024.

Showroom in Denmark

Get ready to be amazed by our always inspiring 5,700 m2 showroom in Tvis, Denmark. ​​

Showroom in China

Our 2,000 m2 showroom near Dongguan in China, is always updated with a wide range of modern and bestselling furniture. Always ready for you to dive in and experience new materials and smooth details.