Living room

Living furniture for living rooms

We have a large selection of sofas, resting chairs, coffee tables, lamp/nest tables, TV tables, sideboards and wall units…
Actona Company is selling products through retailers only. As retailer you will be able to see the full range at our web shop.

Chairs  →

From modern to traditional, and from relaxing to functional – we have chairs to suit every need, style, room and home. Whether for dining, work or lounging, we offer you a wide selection to choose from - relax, unwind, and enjoy life with perfect chairs.


Sofas & Armchairs  →

Sofas and armchairs come in many styles, different sizes and with hundreds of options regarding upholstery. Among our selection of sofas and armchairs you can most definitely find the perfect one’s for you and your store.


Coffee & Side tables  →

Coffee tables and side tables are perfect for creating a personal room. They can emphasize your personal style and are the perfect place to display your favourite items. Let a coffee table or side table complete the space with an elegant minimalistic touch or let them be an unexpected addition to create a new artistic space. 


Dining tables  →

When it comes to dining tables from Actona Group there are plenty to choose from. Various models – all of them can gather your loved ones for some good food and nice conversations – whether it is small, extendable, modern, traditional, ceramic or wood. Whatever your customers prefer our wide selection have got your covered.


Ottomans  →

Ottomans are perfect as a functional statement piece. Choose your favourites and express your style with our wide range of ottomans.


Storage  →

Whether you like to display your items or are into out-of-sight storage, we will fulfil your wish. We offer you storage for most rooms so your customers can keep an organized, neat home – but keeping it modern.