Welcome is important

Create the perfect atmosphere and everyone will feel welcome. We have a large selection, feel free to be inspired.
Actona Group is selling products through retailers only. As retailer you will be able to see the full range at our web shop.

Benches  →

Use our bench at the dining table, as a functional bench in the hallway or let it be a statement piece to emphasize your style. Whether you are into Scandinavian minimalism, modern or traditional, we have a bench for you and your customers.  


Chairs  →

From modern to traditional, and from relaxing to functional – we have chairs to suit every need, style, room and home. Whether for dining, work or lounging, we offer you a wide selection to choose from - relax, unwind, and enjoy life with perfect chairs.


Console tables  →

Console tables are perfect for bringing function to the hallway without occupying too much space. Our console tables can be styled with decorative interior or kept practical for small storage like keys and glasses. Let your customers make the most of their space with our console tables. 


Shoe & coat storage  →

They say first impressions are important and that means keeping the hallway neat and organized. Our shoe, coat, and hat racks make it easy for you and your customers to do just that. 


Small sofas  →

Looking for sofas that can fit in smaller living areas? Look no further. We have small sofas to fit any style and room. Check it out.