We make your dreams come true with bedroom furniture from Actona.
Actona Group is selling products through retailers only. As retailer you will be able to see the full range at our web shop.

Beds  →

The room where we spend most of our time – the bedroom. We all relax, dream and sleep a little tighter when we are surrounded by comfortable furniture that matches our style. Choose the beds of your customers dreams.


Bedside tables  →

Complete the look of your bedroom with a bedside table from our wide selection – we offer everything from traditional bedside tables to industrial and more modern styled bedside tables. Have a look at our many options here. 


Side tables  →

Side tables are perfect for creating a personal room. They can emphasize your personal style and are the perfect place to display your favourite items. Let a side table complete the space with an elegant minimalistic touch or let them be an unexpected addition to create a new artistic space. 


Resting, Lounge & Recliner chairs  →

Chairs come in many styles, different sizes and with hundreds of options regarding upholstery. Among our selection of chairs you can most definitely find the perfect one’s for you and your store.


Benches  →

Use our bench at the dining table, as a functional bench in the hallway or let it be a statement piece to emphasize your style. Whether you are into Scandinavian minimalism, modern or traditional, we have a bench for you and your customers.  


Storage  →

Whether you like to display your items or are into out-of-sight storage, we will fulfil your wish. We offer you storage for most rooms so your customers can keep an organized, neat home – but keeping it modern.