About Actona Group

Actona Group is an ambitious global furniture partner with three brands: Sits, Flexlux, and Actona. Each brand has its own range and identity, but being part of Actona Group means all brands share the same vision to be the most value-adding global furniture partner.  
While being represented all over the world, Actona Group is based in Denmark, and our headquarters, showroom, and one of two European distribution centres are located right outside the city of Holstebro. We have 6 upholstery production sites located in Poland, Lithuania, China, and Ukraine. In addition to our three brands, we specialize in crafting modern furniture for private furniture brands.

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White label / Private label 

In collaboration with our customers, we create the best possible solutions tailored to your needs. With many years of experience, we have the knowledge to create great upholstery furniture solutions. When you partner with us, you get more than just a well-driven manufacturing partner – you buy into knowledge about design, construction, sourcing, logistics, and production.

Actona Group


Actona Group

Administration, showroom and European distribution centre in Tvis, Denmark 

Sourcing and upholstery production sites

Actona Seating Limited

Upholstery Production in Longxi, China


Showroom and trading company in Longxi, China

Actona Ukraine

Sub supplier and upholstery production in L'viv, Ukraine

Actona Lithuania

Upholstery production in Kaunas and Alytus, Lithuania

Actona Poland 

Upholstery production in Brodnica and Grudziadz, Poland



Dedicated employees


Years of experience


Countries sell our furniture