We want to be the most value-adding global furniture partner

Furniture and partnerships

That is what we do. We supply and work closely together with the world's leading on- and offline furniture retailers. Designing, manufacturing and delivering modern, affordable furniture is where we have our strengths.

We are experts in our field

We are a dedicated player with more than 40 years of experience. We make choosing furniture easy. With our superior quality setup and flexible delivery, all you have to do is select your next bestsellers from our wide and deep selection of furniture.

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Furniture and partnerships



Towards Sustainable Business 

For the first time, our strategy has sustainable targets as well as financial targets. We want to create an even bigger, stronger and more sustainable business. We have chosen 6 tactical initiatives to focus on in order to secure Actona’s continued growth and create value-adding services for our customers and partners.  

Our ambitions are high, and we will focus on sustainability across all our activities.

We have taken the most essential parts of our new strategy and boiled it down into a 4-minute video. The video illustrates where we are coming from, and where we are going.


We give you more than great furniture

We take responsibility

As a member of amfori we take our responsibility seriously. All our factories comply with local rules and laws and offer a safe work environment for all employees.

We make it safe  

All our products comply with our high standard of quality and with the legal requirements in your market and are therefore safe for use.

We have what it takes

We strongly believe in creating value for all our customers whether you focus on product development, lead time, price or flexibility.